About Us

McD Digital is an experienced web design and web development company that can trace its roots to the late 1990s when businesses first started realizing the importance of having an online presence. We are located in Pekin (near Peoria, Illinois) with client service offices in Rockford, Illinois, the Quad Cities and South Haven, Michigan. Our desire was to keep our clients at the forefront of online marketing, so we hit the ground running and developed creative websites that showcased all they had to offer. As the Internet and interactive industry as a whole grew, so did our knowledge and service line – making us a leading provider of interactive services for healthcare, tourism, agriculture, banks, insurance companies and other businesses.

How McD Digital Defines Great Websites Today

The criteria for what makes a “great website” has changed dramatically since we first entered the field. Many early sites can now be categorized simply as online brochures that rarely changed or engaged customers to interact. And while our approach to web design and development today centers around engaging visitors and keeping website content fresh and informative, we still employ the same philosophy we did all those years ago.

From the beginning, we understood interactive tools have to be just more than eye candy. Yes, they have to be impressive looking to make a good first impression, but for customers to truly respond and for businesses to maintain a competitive edge, the website also has to educate and motivate. Simply put, you have to give the people the information or tools they are looking for so they see you as an “expert,” then you have to inspire them to act. We also understand how to integrate social media and optimize your site to draw a crowd.

Why Working with McD Digital Offers a Competitive Advantage

McD Digital is unique in that we are more than just a web design and development company. As a division of McDaniels Marketing, we also have access to many award-winning designers and writers, marketing strategists and research analysts. Pair these talented individuals with our database wizards and cutting-edge programmers, and it’s easy to see how we’ve helped client after client create end-products that not only look great, but also function effortlessly and resonate with intended target markets. We deliver a truly integrated marketing solution.

Take a look at our online portfolio and let’s start talking about how we can help make your online strategy more effective. Request a free consultation from McD Digital today!

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