Interactive Team

Randall McDaniels

President/Account Executive/Current President of Illinois Society for Healthcare Marketing & Public Relations (ISHMPR)

Randy has been immersed in all things marketing his entire life… his dad built this agency from the ground up. But taking over the family business didn’t come easy. Randy worked his way through the agency wearing the hat of copywriter, producer, media buyer and account executive before becoming President. His keen sense of industry trends helps him orchestrate his team in creating innovative, well-crafted messages that get results. But the end-product isn’t the only thing that’s important to him. Don’t be surprised if he calls you for lunch or simply checks to see how things are going (and if you caught last’s night game), because at the end of the day… it’s relationships that count.

Susan Crisler

Interactive Director

We like to refer to Susan as a living, breathing, workflow chart – constantly channeling information between clients and our creative team. She continually delivers projects that exceed expectations, and her flare for creativity paired with over 15 years of project management experience make Susan an invaluable resource for us and our clients. At the end of the day, seeing clients walk away with a smile is her number one goal. So bring us your navigation maps, website traffic goals and dream of a smashing website that has customers coming back time and again... then be prepared to smile.

Rob Wahmann

Lead Website Programmer

Faster than a Google search, more powerful than a Victory Vision (yep, that’s a motorcycle), able to leap competitor websites in a single bound... it’s a bird, it’s a plane... it’s Rob Wahmann! That’s right, we bring out the big guns when it comes to our website programmers. And since Rob has over 15 years’ experience in creating custom content management systems and standalone database applications that make visitor experience and maintenance a breeze, his programming is always in high demand. He’s also an expert in creating secure e-commerce programs. Add in his rap sheet that includes such notables as Caterpillar, Country Insurance, DuPont, St. Jude, the Museum of Science and Industry, Illinois Soybean Association and Illinois CancerCare... and it’s easy to see how you’ll become a powerhouse player with one of our website solutions on your side.

Mark Lockett

Website Programmer/Videographer/Creative Guru

Content management systems, database applications, TV commercials... everything Mark touches becomes a work of art. That’s why when we say he’s a jack of all trades, master of many – we aren’t joking around. He knows code... certified in six leading technology facets, including Master CIW and Master eCommerce Designer. He knows function... creating custom websites that are easy to use for over a decade. And, he knows story... effortlessly capturing the essence of your business for effective broadcast and video campaigns. But that’s not all Mark has mastered. He’s also a musician (performing guitar and vocals for his band “The Normals”), with three records and two Dove Award nominations under his belt.

Drae Simpson

Website & Online Marketing Project Manager

He might go by Dr. Drae, but one thing is for certain… this tech-loving web guru is obsessed with the unique tones of Dave Matthews Band. When he’s not working his magic on boosting organic search results or making sure client websites are running at top performance, you’ll find him in “The Space Between” creating masterpieces in Photoshop, splicing together his latest video or at one of the six DMB concerts he attends every year. Crazy, we know, but let’s call it a passion for the arts. And it’s that passion that makes him get results for clients. He won’t “quit on [you] so quickly”… he’s “got all the time for you.” He’s “the best of what’s around.” Okay… we’ll stop now.

Fred Meyer

Digital Marketing Specialist

While this G.I. Joe loving, Halo destroying webmaster may not run around the office in full camo gear, Fred’s analytical mind, determination and knack for solving puzzles makes him a great asset to our clients. He thrives off getting online traffic to move – probably because he secretly wants to have telekinesis as a superpower. Plus, he excels at analyzing traffic flow patterns and looking at entry and exit pages to websites to see if there is anything we can do to enhance the user’s experience. Fred makes the process of boosting your online marketing efforts simple, clear and easy to do.

Austin Wilson

Digital Marketing Specialist

Obsessed with consumer technology and unlocking the secret of what drives people to make decisions, Austin is our resident digital marketing strategist, and he can help your organization join the online conversation. He loves turning strangers into customers and fans of your business. Thankfully for us (and our clients), there’s no better outlet to do that than social media and internet marketing campaigns. Armed with a pair of wing-tips, a screen saver featuring tropical fish and a gaggle of oddities he likes to collect, this former Apple employee and abstract painter will help you build your online brand and increase one-to-one communication with current and potential customers.

Dave Schuette

Graphic Designer/Interactive Specialist

A pro at giving stagnant images motion, Dave works his magic for clients with outstanding Flash animations. From programming rotating images on a home page to designing completely interactive websites like Illinois Soybean’s Pod to Plate (, this 9-year agency veteran is a multimedia master. He’s also got seriously awesome illustration skills and lends his critical eye for detail to every project he does – focusing on the big picture and how everything works together.

Jason Geiger

Graphic Designer

Whether he’s designing, editing video, coming up with the newest craze in mobile apps or carefully planning out his latest furniture design, Jason brings his love of craftsmanship to life in everything he does. Adept at taking raw ideas and materializing them into something extraordinary, this transmedia expert (and Lego extraordinaire) seamlessly builds your message across a variety of media for an even greater impact. Print, web, motion, photography, video and mobile apps... your target market will take notice and be asking you for more.

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