Love Letters for McD Digital

The more you get to know us, the more you love us. At McD Digital we work to make YOU look good. It comes as no surprise then, that when our clients get to talking about us, they have some nice things to say. Here are some of the many love letters we’ve received about our award winning team.

[McD Digital] from the first day we met to the last day kept their goal dates that lead to the success of launching the website in about 40 days from the day we gave them the green light; other companies would have been 2-3 months longer. Their team provided excellent support and we look forward to continuing to grow our relationship outside of the website…[McD Digital] provided us with the absolute best in information, both access and input into our website design and leadership in getting where we wanted to see our site go. The new site is both updated and eye catching and user friendly all based on recommendations by their team.”

Derek Allensworth, Yetter Co.

Congratulations on what I am sure has been 45 good years for your company and I hope you have at least 45 more to come. As volatile as the marketing business is, your longevity is impressive and demonstrates excellent management.”

Gene Vogelesang, Illinois Valley Community Hospital

When we were looking to redesign our website, we really liked the concepts presented by McDaniels. We moved forward and have been so happy we did! The site looks great, the content manager is customizable and very easy to use. The staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. We can easily match the look and feel of the website to our current ad campaigns, and I no longer worry about functionality issues. I would recommend McDaniels Marketing for all your website needs!”

Dana McCoy, CGH Medical Center, Sterling, IL

That was the best biodiesel promotion video I have ever seen. Well done. Thanks for going above and beyond!”

Mark Albertson, Illinois Soybean Association

Your ie-media manager is the easiest program I’ve ever utilized to create and manage website content. It’s almost as if you’re working within a word processing software package… I’d say that McDaniel Interactive has exceeded my expectations as a client. They always listened to our concerns, feedback and made sure the direction we wanted to go was always being followed”

Randy Schorfheide, HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland, IL

We’ve seen an increase in internet generated revenue. We’re 5x the national average in visitors and time spent on our website…Even though we’re a not-for-profit with a limited budget, they treat us like their biggest client…I would recommend them to you without any reservations. They are a first class agency.”

Yay!!! Sitting here on the island so happy that I have 100% confidence that you have this covered.” Doesn’t that sound nice? (Our clients trust us so much, they can actually take vacations. Wouldn’t you like a vacation?)

Marketing Director, Community Memorial Hospital, Hicksville, OH

Our website is allowed to be ALIVE and ever-changing because we can refresh, overhaul, or modify it on a moment’s notice. This is a must have element of today’s successful business, and we’re leading edge.

Kathy Casstevens, Marketing Director, Starved Rock State Park

McD Digital is a dependable, hardworking, efficient, and creative team that’s ready to partner to meet your goals and challenges, whatever they may be. Contact us today.

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