Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You’ve got a great website, now how do you get more people to visit? As users search, they expect to find the most relevant material on the first page of results. That gives you 10 spots to make the cut. In order to achieve (and maintain) your position, you need to do more than keep your website up to date. You need to employ a proactive SEO strategy. Search engines are constantly changing their methodology to stay ahead of their competition, so that means you have to keep tweaking, updating and targeting to stay ahead of yours.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

  • Maximizes your rank for search engines, including Google, Yahoo!,Bing and many others
  • Pinpoints keywords that your target market uses to find your particular product or service
  • Generates visits to your website through perceived relevance and expertise
  • Targets only the customers you want through demographics, interests and geotargeting
  • Helps place you on page one for highly searched, competitive keywords
  • Offers measurable value – every dollar is bringing potential customers to you!

Bring in the SEO Experts

McD Digital knows how to navigate the trends of SEO and boost your rankings in organic search results. Gone are the days of so-called “SEO experts” tricking search engines into thinking a site is relevant for a particular term. Search engines are programmed to detect these strategies now! And while you may be enticed by these quick fixes and fast results, they could also blacklist your website on search engines and make SEO efforts even worse and sometimes nearly impossible to recover.

Our SEO experts will help you develop keyword rich content that makes you an expert on the topics you’re targeting. This allows search engines (especially Google with its Hummingbird algorithm) to see your website as the “best” answer out there for a particular search term. The better your answer is viewed, the higher you rank—simple in concept, elaborate in execution. One of our clients in the healthcare industry recently reported that, “For the 6th consecutive year, since SJH and McD’s have partnered…website traffic has increased... Site visits [this year] increased 9.14% and page views increased 11.92%!”

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